Facade Lamels – Sunbreaker

This exterior solution is usually chosen to give the building a decorative touch, while protecting large glass surfaces from excess sunlight. The blades are made of thin-walled extruded aluminium, which makes the whole construction lightweight, yet durable. The facade louver system with a blade rotation is adjustable and range from 0° to 90°, so you can choose the desired level of overshoot, and thus control the amount of natural light inside the building.

The main difference from facade roller blinds and venetian blinds is that you can choose extremely long louvers and they can be fixed horizontally or vertically. This solution of the facade is combined during the design stage of the building.

A combination of different louver types and colours allows for the creation of visually stimulating facade textures. Sunbreakers is a perfect system to make a building more architecturally attractive and for reducing energy consumption in air conditioning.

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