Facade Roller Blinds

Facade solar control systems are important elements of energy efficient buildings. Rising awareness of energy consumption, rising demands for improved facade characteristics and increased environmental awareness encourage architects to look for alternative solutions for controlling solar energy. The modern, high-quality and durable DEXTERA solar control systems help to effectively solve technical and aesthetic tasks in building design. The wide range of products for the facade allows you to find the solution that fits your needs best.

Durability, flexible use and installation options, functionality, choice of wide-profile and multicolored materials, easy adjustment to the exterior – for these most important reasons, Facades Roller Blinds are increasingly being chosen by DEXTERA customers in Europe. Exterior roller blinds can be controlled automatically by connecting them to meteorological stations. These, having received intense sunlight, roll the blinds down, and raise them up in the case of strong wind. The sensitivity of the controls to the sun and the wind is regulated, it is possible to turn off these functions and manage roller blinds manually, according to personal needs. Exterior roller blinds hold up to 100% of sunlight and ultraviolet rays. This solar control system can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

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