Facade Venetian Blinds

In Europe, one of the most effective solar control systems – Facade Venetian Blinds – is becoming more popular among business enterprises. They allow you to control the entrance of light into the room and adjust the ray direction to the desired angle. By changing the position of the blinds, the rays can be directed to the ceiling, floor or center of the room. When facing the right angle, venetian blinds keep the sun’s rays out of the inside of the room through the glass. Exterior venetian blinds can be completely folded up or adjusted in the cold season so that as much solar heat as possible get into the building. So controlled solar energy can be used as a free heat source. When the shutters are lifted, they do not appear on the facade – they slip in the special niches inside the building.

Facade venetian roller blinds can be controlled manually or automatically, by connecting to meteorological stations. These, having received intense sunlight, roll the blinds down, and raise it in case of a strong wind.

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