Insect & Pollen Nets

Keep insects, leaves and even allergy causing pollen away. We offer durable high-quality insect nets for windows, doors, sliding doors and open facades.


Framed nets

Framed screens are one of the most popular types of protective nets for windows/doors mainly because they are almost imperceptible. In addition, they provide a highly effective barrier against not only mosquitoes, but also airborne pollens such as dandelion or poplar. Framed screens are held in place by magnetic slats or metal plates (hooks). Suitable for all types of windows.

The following screens can be installed on this frame:

  • Insect screen (for keeping out mosquitoes and other unwanted insects, leaves and wind-borne seeds produced by dandelion, poplar, etc.);
  • Pollen (anti-allergic) screen (for keeping out airborne pollens, dust, insects).

With framed screens, you can keep your home a clean and comfortable insect free zone all summer long, whilst still enjoying all the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

Technical specifications:

  • Transparent and almost invisible, the mesh allows abundant natural light flow into the room
  • The anti-allergic mesh comes in black and a slight dimming effect
  • Strong extruded aluminium profiles keep the screen tightly stretched through the entire area of the frame
  • Installation of framed screen does not damage the window or door
  • Standard available colors: white, brown, wood imitation, and anthracite

Roller nets

Roller insect screens are suitable for windows, skylights, balcony and terrace doors. Thick brush pile strips fitted on the screen rim guarantee complete protection and keep even the smallest of insects out of your home. The roller insect screens can be rolled without any effort into the roller box at the top or on the side.

  • Made of aluminium, screen frames are durable and resistant to corrosion
  • As insect screens are water- and cold-resistant, there is no need to dismantle them for winter
  • Component parts are made by the Italian manufacturer GENIUS
  • Installation on the window or inside the window recess.

Net doors

We offer insect screens for balcony or terrace doors. This is a quick and effective solution to keep out mosquitoes and other unwanted insects. Ideal for use on balcony doors, terrace doors and other large window openings often used for entry/exit.

The insect screen door is the perfect solution for those who want to let the cool air circulate around their home and enjoy fresh air during a warm season. The insect screen doors can be easily opened and closed from any side. The screens can be installed on the door frame or on the wall using screws.

  • The screen door always remains well stretched and keeps its form, even following the intensive use for entry/exit, so that you can rely on it to keep out all flying insects

  • Transparent screen does not dim the room
  • The system is resistant to the environmental exposure
  • Constant fresh air circulation helps to maintain a healthy microclimate at home
  • Thanks to the screen, the door can be left open without any risk of insect invasion
  • Mesh options: standard insect mesh and pollen mesh, which protects not only against insects but also pollens that can cause allergies and other pollutants.

The screen door is manufactured from high quality aluminium profile, which is resistant to the environmental exposure.

  • Transparent and almost invisible, the mesh allows abundant natural light flow into the room
  • The anti-allergic mesh comes in black and has a slight dimming effect in the room
  • Screen frame: very stable and strong structure. The profiles keep the screen tightly stretched through the entire area of the frame
  • Installation of the screen does not damage the window or door.

Pleated nets

Pleated insect screens are designed to combine perfect elegance and functionality. Overlapping small special fabric pleats act as a fine filter, which deter all flying insects. The pleated mesh overlaps as if it was an accordion and is very easy to bunch because there is no spring in the mechanism (that makes the screen suitable for a user of any age). The mesh can be stopped at any part of the window. Pleated insect screens are suitable for all types of windows, doors, sliding window systems and very large openings. As vertical pleated insect screens do not include a bottom profile, they are ideal for skylights. This product perfectly combines aesthetic look, great functionality, and handy operation.

  • The perfect solution for windows, where the dimensions of the recess are large
  • Screen frame: stable and strong aluminium structure
  • Standard colors: white and brown
  • The mesh comes in black but does not have dimming effect because is transparent in the light
  • Pleated fabric is crease-resistant and always keeps its form
  • For recesses of large dimensions, two pleated screens may be connected

Pollen mesh

Reliable protection not only against insects but also against pollens that can cause allergies. Due to a special weave, the polyester mesh act as a filter that deters all types of pollens, dust particles, and other airborne pollutants. Findings of the product tests carried out by a laboratory at the University Hospital in Berlin showed that the pollen mesh stops nearly 98% of birch pollens, 100% of grasses pollens, and 93% of nettle pollens. The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) has issued a certificate for the pollen meshes.

Pollen screen research results View Download




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