Pleated Blinds

Combining privacy & light control in perfect harmony, pleated blinds (also known as plissé) create unique mood and romantic atmosphere. Thanks to functionality of pleated blinds, they can be installed on any form of window (round, triangle and other non-standard forms). These blinds are safe, durable and very easy to operate: you can raise up and lower down the blind in one smooth motion. Pleated blinds are controlled from top to bottom or from bottom to top, so you can cover any part of the window without losing the natural daylight.

With their up-to-date slim line design, pleated blinds offer flexible control of light and shade privacy protection. Smart and contemporary they also provide thermal properties which allow to reduce air conditioning costs – our collection offers PERLEX and aluminium coated fabrics with OEKO-TEX® certification.  Our pleated blinds come in a large range of both subtle and vibrant shades with transparent, semitransparent and dim-out features.







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