Skylight Blinds

If you have roof windows, we can offer you a great solution for sheltering your room from sun glare and heat and creating a shaded and cool atmosphere. Skylight blinds combine high aesthetics and maximum comfort. Our collection of fabrics for roof blinds offers a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from.

You can always find the perfect solution for your loft bedroom by choosing a blackout fabric that prevents any light filtering through. If you want to create a smart office setting, pick a dimout fabric, which allows slivers of sunlight to sneak through, giving you lighting that is more muted and diffused. With this fabric, you can create the perfect space to work with your computer.

Skylight roller blinds are very compact and easy to lower down and to raise up even on the windows that sit at titled angles. These blinds are great because they sit flush to the window and are supplied with side channels, creating a seal that blocks light leakage. The roller blind system is equipped with a sprung mechanism and special rails that allow adjustment at any position.





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